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CHICAGO —  The suffering is still not over for a teen who was sexually assaulted live on Facebook .

The mother of the 15-year-old victim says she and her daughter have both been threatened this week since they went to police to report what happened.

The Facebook Live video surfaced Monday, a day after the victim was reported missing after her uncle dropped her off at home.

Chicago police say the Facebook Live video shows as many as six males sexually assaulting the girl.

She was discovered on the street Tuesday morning about four blocks from her home.

Her mother immediately went to police and since, says she and her daughter have been harassed. She also says others have posted threats online and say they are going to “get her daughter.”

The teen is reportedly staying with relatives because she is scared to go home.

The Chicago Tribune reports that a law enforcement source says police took a 14-year-old boy into custody earlier this week after he was identified as one of the males in the video, but so far no charges have been brought in this case.

Investigators also say, despite there being multiple witnesses to this incident, both in person and online, not one person called police.
They’re now hoping people will step up and do the right thing if they have any information.