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CHICAGO — Police continue to investigate the beating of a Trump voter in the Homan Square neighborhood.

49-year-old David Wilcox of Chicago said he got out of his car after a black sedan scraped the side of his Bonneville at Kedzie and Roosevelt on Wednesday.

What happened next has drawn national attention after a bystander caught it all on video.

Wilcox says he asked the driver for insurance information, and within moments he was being kicked and beaten by a group of men who came out of the sedan. He says people nearby shouted that he shouldn’t have voted for Donald Trump.

Then someone jumped into his car.  Wilcox grabbed the door and hung on as the driver sped away – eventually reaching speeds as high as 80 miles an hour.

Wilcox says the attackers could not have known who he voted for.  He also said he was upset no one who witnessed the attack intervened.

“Nobody at the intersection helped at all,” Wilcox told reporters.  “They were laughing.”

Police are looking for the attackers.