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CHICAGO — The new Vertiport in Chicago officially opened for business today. It will allow private helicopters to land in the downtown Chicago for the first time since Meigs Field closed in 2003.

It’s located near Roosevelt and Ashland and has had the support of Mayor Emanuel since he first took office in 2011. Emanuel asked the City Planning and Development Department to find a way to get a helipad in the city to help bring in more business.

At that same time, a Vertiport founder Mike Conklin came to the city with his own plan for a privately funded Vertiport.

The city says the new Vertiport will bring back quick and easy travel into Chicago while also allowing Northerly Island to be a space for everyone can enjoy.

Business executives will now be able to get from other area airports to downtown Chicago quickly by helicopter..

DHL is using the Vertiport to get urgent documents downtown and medical helicopters will be able to land here free of charge and quickly transport patients and organs to the hospitals.

The Vertiport will also offer a place in Chicago for tourists or residents to see the city in a new way.