Disabled man from Venezuela finishes Chicago Marathon

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40,000 runners hit the streets for this year’s Chicago Marathon.

One man in particular drew a crowd of 100 cheering supporters.

Maickel Melamed, 38, of Venezuela came last in the marathon – crossing the finish line just after 1:30 a.m. Monday.

That’s a time of 16 hours and 46 minutes.

Melamed was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, choking him, leaving him motionless and with permanent Motor Retardation.

His parents were told he would never walk, never talk and worse yet, he wouldn’t live past seven days.

But 38-years later, he speaks three different languages, has a degree in economics, has completed three marathons, climbs mountains and is a motivational speaker.

He says he hopes he can inspire others to live life to the fullest.

In an interview with WGN’s Tonya Francisco, Melamed said, “I am just a human being. If my life is useful for other people, I will feel happy because there is no more good but to be useful. But, I am a human being. Sharing their life with others.”

What’s next for Melamed? He says he plans to take on the Tokyo Marathon in February and the Boston Marathon in April.


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