Vegan teacher in Ohio fired over Facebook post

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A second grade Title I teacher in Ohio was fired over a Facebook post.

Keith Allison worked with small groups of kids needing extra help with math and language arts skills.

Aside from teaching, Allison is also a vegan and animal rights advocate who shares his beliefs on his personal Facebook page.

According to WJW, Allison posted a picture of a local dairy farm that shows crates that are used to house baby cows who are separated from their mothers at birth.

“As someone who grew up feeling parental love and support, and now as a parent who gives love and support, I reject the claim that separating babies from loving mothers to raise them isolated in boxes can ever be considered humane,” Allison wrote in his Facebook post.

Allison said that it was after that post that the school district pulled his one-year contract when it was up for renewal.

Allison’s superintendent informed him that the owners of the farm had called about his post.

“The fact that their family’s farm was in the picture, I guess, is where their complaint was coming from and from what I was told, they were fearful, afraid that someone might come and break their calf crates or free their cows and their children were not safe to be out in their yards,” Allison said.

Allison also told WJW that during the meeting with his superintendent, he was informed that they live in agricultural area and that a lot of money for the schools comes from the residents of the community.

“I was also told that I could have any personal beliefs I want to have, but if I want to be a strong Vegan advocate, I might want to look into doing something other than teaching.”

Allison is asking for his job back with back pay, saying he was well liked and respected.

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