Utah lawmaker drafts bill to do away with marriage

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A lawmaker in Utah has reportedly drafted a bill that would do away with the state government's involvement in marriage.

FOX13 reports that one of Utah's state lawmakers proposed a law which would end government agencies’ role in issuing marriage licenses.

Utah Rep. Jake Anderegg told the station it was not his proposal, but that he would support it.

“I’d like to see us out of the marriage business and out of liquor distribution business,” he told FOX13. The station reports Anderegg acknowledged passing such a bill would be a "monumental task."

FOX13 reports the language of the bill and its sponsor remain a mystery.

The proposal comes in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling Friday that same-sex marriage is a nationwide right for U.S. citizens.

Anderegg told FOX13 on Friday that he was worried about the impact of the decision, and whether it would lead to polygamy or someone marrying his or her pet -- though he added, "Not much has changed for me from yesterday to today. It’s the same world we were living in ... I’m saying that because I don’t think the sky is falling."

FOX13 notes many other laws are tied to marriage in Utah, including probate, inheritance and other benefits.

According to FOX13, Sen. Jim Dabakis, Utah’s only openly gay state lawmaker, suggested at a news conference Friday that any drastic measure lawmakers may pursue in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision would be born out of dejection over the ruling.

"I’m a Democrat and a gay guy in Utah. I know what it’s like to lose," Dabakis reportedly said.



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