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PALATINE, Ill. — A UPS employee says he found nooses hanging at a shipping facility in suburban Palatine.

Rashaun Granberry said he had a sick feeling in his stomach when he saw them.

“It’s an intimidating symbol,” he said. “They did that on purpose. I know for sure.”

But a spokesperson for UPS says that’s not the case at all. She says what you see in the picture are temporary pull ropes that were used to replace broken chain pulls for equipment covers. She says once the employee complained, the ropes were immediately removed. But, Granberry says that’s not true. He says he complained to a manager and nothing happened for several days.

This is Granberry’s second year as a temporary seasonal worker for UPS. He’s part of a group bussed to Palatine from Chicago and he doesn’t think the Palatine employees wanted them there.

“They have a strong feeling of racism out there,” he said. “When you walk out there, the guards say, ‘I’ll be glad when this program is over.'”

Granberry says he was given a paid week off, access to counseling services and transferred to a UPS facility in Chicago. He says he’s speaking out because no one should have to deal with this in their work environment.

“This world, people need to love each other and help each other. Other than being racist when you’re working for them for a little bit of nothing,” he said.

A spokesperson for UPS provided WGN with the following statement:

“UPS does not tolerate any demeaning workplace misconduct. The complaint was investigated. We value and respect the diversity of our workforce, and reinforce with training and discussion.”