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CHICAGO — If you were flying out of O’Hare’s United terminal Saturday, chances are you saw some some fun characters.

Employees transformed into Christmas carolers, Disney princesses and superheroes to welcome more than 100 children and their families.

It was a part of United’s Fantasy Flight, aiming to give the kids a holiday boosts many of them could really use.

Liz Wesolowski’s 4-year old-daughter Nora is one of those kids. She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia a year ago.

“It is scientifically proven that positive experiences increase the efficiency of kids treatment plans,” Wesolowski said. “Her sisters get to join in which is humongous because it really impacts the entire family.”

The families boarded a flight with a magical destination – the North Pole. They met Santa, elves and received presents.

United partnered with local organization Cal’s Angels to make the flight possible.

“It brings smiles and a change for these people. A lot of the times these families are stuck in the hospital during Christmas time so bringing Christmas spirit to these families and helping them get out of their normalcy for a bit,” Megan Gertz with Cal’s Angels said. “We bring normalcy to them so they can enjoy their Christmas time.”

The flight brought many smiles and memories to help brighten the toughest days.