U of C students protest after ‘rape list’ threat from hackers

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The group that orginally posted what it calls the ‘Hyde Park List’ says it’s not a rape list, they are just individuals they would warn their friends about because of their troubling behavior towards romantic or sexual partners.

But that list has so infuriated a campus hacker group that it posted what’s being perceived as a threat.

Nearly 200 students, alum and activists marched silently around the University of Chicago campus overnight – stopping in front of a fraternity house and an outdoor movie screening – all in response to a threat posted online by a campus hacker group.

“In a day where we were told to shut up or we would be raped harder it was pretty powerful,” said organizer Christina Pillsbury.

She pulled together the march in a matter of hours and is referring to a message posted Wednesday morning by the vigilante hacker group, UChicago Electronic Army or UEA.

They were responding to a weekend Tumblr post called the ‘Hyde Park List,’ which named current and former U of C students who it says are known to commit varying levels of gender-based violence.

UEA responded by hacking into a couple of campus websites and posting what it calls the real Hyde Park List, a photo and the name of a student activist who is also a sexual assault survivor that UEA claims posted the original list.

She has denied doing so, but the UEA posting said feminists, social-justice warriors, and others need to be reminded who’s boss and that it hopes the class of 2018 is paying attention because otherwise the UEA is going to have to rape harder.

The University of Chicago, which is under a federal review for its handling of sexual assault cases says it’s working with law enforcement authorities concerning the unauthorized access of a student-run website.

Pillsbury, a sexual assault survivor herself, says march participants decided they needed a show of love and support, not anger and revenge.

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