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LONG GROVE, Ill. — The historic Long Grove Covered Bridge, known for trucks getting stuck in its passageway, was hit again Friday evening by a U-Haul truck.

A large U-Haul truck became wedged at one of the entrances of the bridge, located on Robert Parker Coffin Road in Long Grove. It was later removed. Possible damage to the bridge is not known at this point.

The bridge, built in 1906, is infamous for several trucks and vehicles crashing into it.

Last August, a school bus carrying a group of golfers on their way to an outing got stuck while crossing the bridge. It happened less than 24 hours after it was reopened.

In June 2018, the bridge was severely damaged and remained closed until August 2020. Police said including this incident, the bridge has been hit 14 times since the reopening.

The driver of the U-Haul was not injured, but was cited for Disobeying traffic control device and a truck exceeding max height of 8’6” on covered bridge.