CHICAGO — There truly never is just one ending to a story, especially these two stories that only became better with time.

Levi Olson, a 5-year-old who was born with half a heart and a long road ahead. Six months ago, WGN’s Erin Ivory followed his family’s remarkable four year journey from the transplant list to the day they received the call that changed their lives.

In their darkest hour, a family made the choice to donate their own child’s heart so another could live.

“Let’s go for a quick walk.” Levi took more steps than he had in all his days. “He had never walked this far before” each of our hearts have their own journey. “We could never be more grateful for that”.

Last week, Levi’s parents heard from the family that gave their son a second chance at life six months after the transplant.

And as far as Levi, he’s thriving, back in kindergarten full time, swinging at the playground and riding his bike further than anyone ever imagined.

WGN’s Erin Ivory also spoke with Effie Inman, a sixth grader who was battling a rare form of cancer, a couple years ago.

When her family’s lawn became overgrown due to all the time they spent in the hospital, Effie’s 10-year-old neighbor, Ozzie Padilla did the one thing he could to help.

“I look out the window and said ‘Ozzie is mowing our lawn mom!” Effie said to her mother. ” I mean the kid is only ten and it’s not a small lawn, it’s over 2 acres!”

Fast forward two years, Effie Inman is completely cancer free.

She started her own non-profit called Effie’s wish, raising more than $10,000 in the first year, to buy Nintendo equipment for other kids also going through chemo in Lurie Children’s Hospital’s Oncology wing.

As for Ozzie, he is still mowing the Inman’s lawn only now they’re paying him top dollar to contribute to his fast growing college fund.

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