2 Injured in Logan Square Attack

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Two women were seriously injured in an attack on a car in Logan Square.

Well into the morning, evidence of the crash remained at the corner of Belden and Ridgeway as police did their investigation, neighbors watched on, ” horrible scene, and the ending was also even worse,” said Daisy Rodriguez.

She was one of the first on the scene to help the two women inside, both in their 20s.  Police say the women were attacked in their car by two men and two women.

Both victims were sprayed with pepper spray. The driver tried to get away but crashed first into a delivery truck, then into a car. The passenger was critically injured.

“The whole side of the car is eaten up,” said Carlos Delgado.

He says this area is normally quiet. He and others are trying to make sense of what happened, “I doubt that it`s gang related, it doesn’t look like it. They`d be shooting guns; they’re shooting pepper spray.  I think this was just a robbery and it just went wrong.”

Police aren’t saying what they believe occurred until they have more facts, and potentially, the security video from the building where the attacked first happened.


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