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ROBBINS, Ill. — Two girls were hospitalized and will be taken into custody after officials said they stole an unmarked police vehicle in the south suburbs.

According to officials, the girls took a silver Chevy Malibu just before 11 a.m. Wednesday at a McDonald’s in Midlothian as the officer who was driving the car was inside getting food. The girls were seen on video just seconds after he walked in taking the car.

The girls took the car on an 8-mile joyride and the car was stopped in Robbins on 111th Street just off of the Bishop Ford Freeway.

The two rear-ended another vehicle, but the driver of that car denied medical treatment.

Officials were unable to confirm the exact ages of the girls, but state police said they were underage. They were taken to Roseland Hospital for minor injuries and will then be taken into custody.

The girls allegedly did not know they were stealing a police car.

Leaving an unmarked vehicle running while an officer runs out is standard procedure in case there is an emergency call.

The investigation is ongoing.