Twin Peaks touring gear stolen from trailer in Humboldt Park

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CHICAGO — Chicago band Twin Peaks is hopeful to get their touring gear back after it was stolen from their trailer Monday night. Drummer Connor Brodner noticed something was wrong when he went out to the band’s trailer, which was parked outside of his home in the 1000 block of North Kedzie in Humboldt Park, Tuesday morning. The band had just completed a tour in Nashville and were tired from driving through a storm. “We had just driven through a storm for eight hours,” Brodner said. “We normally lock it up in our studio, but we had to be up early in the morning.” The thieves didn’t cut the locks to the trailer, they cut the bolts and then punched them out. “It seemed pretty sophisticated,” Brodner said.
Picture of the broken lock.
Thieves targeting bands’ gear is something that’s not new. It happens to bands all over the city and across the country. Sonic Youth got their gear back 13 years later after it disappeared in 1999. Legions of fans started noticing guitars on resale websites and in pawn shops. Brodner hopes fans and local pawn shop owners will be on the lookout for the rare and sentimental instruments. In total, 12 items were stolen adding up to around $5,000. But the sentimental value is what hurts the band the most. “(Lead singer) Cadien’s acoustic guitar that was stolen is his songwriting guitar,” Brodner said. “Colin’s telecaster was all over ‘Wild Onion’ and ‘Lost in Heaven.’” Guitarist Colin Croom received the now stolen telecaster when he was just 6 years old. Outside of it being left-handed, the guitar was made in America as opposed to Mexico, where Fender manufactures most of its telecasters. “It was the thing that introduced him to music. You know, something that’s become his life,” Brodner said. “He said it’s like losing a friend, a best friend, he’s pretty devastated by it.” Already planned for a session at WXRT Tuesday, the band was forced to deliver an intimate acoustic set. The burglary will not affect upcoming their upcoming 2020 tour, which is planned for Europe and parts of the U.S., because the band has backups they can use. Nonetheless, getting the instruments that helped them get to where they are now is important to them. Here’s a list and pictures below of the stolen instruments:
  •  97 American Fender Telecaster left-handed, serial No. N7313684.
  • 60s Kay CustomKraft yellow sticker w old looking gangster on it (sticker not in photo).
  • 60s Epiphone Cabellero Acoustic (the strap pin on the butt of the guitar is an input jack)
  • 2018 Fender Mustang Bass – cream color
  • Two 2018 Fender Princeton 65 Reissue amps
  • Midi Keyboard – Novation Launchkey 49 mkii
  • BOSS – tuner pedal TU-3
  • BOSS – Bass overdrive pedal ODB-3
  • BOSS – Flanger pedal BF- 3
  • BOSS – Phase Shifter PH -3
  • BOSS – Chorus CEB-3
The band has been in contact with Chicago police detectives, who are working on the case. If you know anything about the stolen instruments, contact Chicago police at 312-744-8290 or message the band on twitter @TwinPeaksDudes. The band said rewards will be issued if any of the instruments are located. If the thieves have a change of heart, no questions will be asked. “Undoubtedly, If they feel like returning it, no questions asked,” Brodner said. In September, the band stopped by WGN to perform a song from their fourth studio album “Lookout Low.” Check out that performance below.

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