Trump would have been charged if he were not president, former prosecutors say

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WASHINGTON — Over 800 former federal prosecutors agreed in an open letter published on Medium that President Donald Trump would have been charged with obstruction of justice in the Robert Mueller investigation had he not been the nation’s president.

Two Chicago area former attorneys, Tom Sullivan and Jim Burns. added their names to the bipartisan list. Both men served as U.S. attorneys in the northern district of Illinois.

Jim Burns was the U.S. attorney who announced the historic Operation Silver Shovel back in the mid ‘90s. Public corruption on trial — everything from labor unions to elected officials on the take.

Sullivan was the U.S. attorney in Illinois who launched Operation Greylord in the ‘80s — a sting that spanned 10 years, netted more than 90 indictments and sent judges, lawyers and law enforcement to jail.

When items like the Mueller report and the future of the presidency are being dissected publicly, the two former Department of Justice insiders and loyal Democrats felt they had to chime in.

The two added their names to the list online. Earlier in the week, the list started at around 300 people, as of Thursday evening it was at over 800.

“I want the public to know that this president is out of control,” Sullivan said. “He has, in my opinion, violated the law and ought to be, brought to book. But you can’t do it while he’s president.”
they are saying out loud what the special counsel (show mueller) fell short of spelling out in the much anticipated 400 plus page report.

Sullivan said that from what he read, there was substantial evident indicating that the president “deliberately attempted to interfere with the investigation and Mueller’s work.”

“It’s very damning, the evidence of how Trump injected himself into this,” he said.

Burns said he felt that there was “clearly substantial evidence of obstruction of justice.”

“I felt strongly that had it been anyone but the president they would have been indicted,” he said.

They both would like to see Mueller testify before Congress in the coming days to give the public the full intended picture of the weighty report.

“When all these prosecutors from all the different states, from different years, I go back to the ‘70s, and we’re saying, there is enough here to seriously consider indicting this man when he is out of the presidency, that’s important,” Sullivan said.

“Ultimately it’s going to be up to the voters. They will render the verdict,” Burns said.

Neither of the two former attorneys have lent their names to a list like this before. They said it was unprecedented for them.

Visit Medium to read the open letter and view the signatures.


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