Trump wins Republican presidential primary in Oregon

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Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential primary in Oregon, adding another state to the presumptive GOP nominee’s tally of victories.

The billionaire businessman started the day by picking up nine delegates in Guam, and was fewer than 100 delegates shy of clinching the Republican nomination for president headed into the Oregon vote.

There were 28 delegates at stake in Oregon’s Republican primary.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is declaring victory in Kentucky’s presidential primary, but her race with Bernie Sanders still remains too close to call.

Clinton says in a statement posted on Twitter that she just won the state’s primary and thanks “everyone who turned out.” She says, “We’re always stronger united.”

With nearly all the votes counted, Clinton holds a narrow lead of less than one-half of 1 percent of the vote.

The Sanders campaign is not immediately saying whether it will challenge the results. Kentucky does not have an automatic recount.

Clinton holds a commanding lead of nearly 300 pledged delegates over Sanders and a dominant advantage among party officials and elected leaders known as superdelegates. The outcomes in Tuesday’s primaries in Kentucky and Oregon are not expected to change the arc of the Democratic race.


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