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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Wednesday was Governor’s Day at the Illinois State Fair, a chance for Republicans to take their message to voters. After arriving at the Illinois State Fair in style on a motorcycle, Governor Bruce Rauner mingled with supporters before launching into a blistering attack on Democrats.

“We’ve been taken over by a machine; a political machine that doesn’t care about people. It only cares about power,” Rauner said. “That machine has taken over the city of Chicago. That machine has taken over the Democratic Party.”

Rauner has pumped $10 million into the Illinois Republican Party so that it can help candidates win state House and Senate races. Since the day he took office, Republicans and Democrats have been at war over his pro-business agenda. The battle is so nasty that the state has gone more than a year without a budget.

Today, State Comptroller Leslie Munger, who is up for reelection this year, said she wants a law withholding state lawmakers pay until they pass a balanced budget.

“It’s actually been done in other states like California, and what a surprise, they actually start passing balanced budgets on time,” Munger said.

For Illinois Republicans on the ballot this fall, Donald Trump is complicated at best. Rauner laughs him off. But U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, in a fierce reelection battle, is going even further.

“When you have two terrible choices, you take extra care to make sure you have the best Senator possible,” Kirk said.

Republican leaders say no matter how GOP voters feel about Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, they needed to vote for Republicans down the ballot.