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LONG GROVE, Ill. — Long Grove’s historic covered bridge had another run in with a truck this week.

John Kopecky and his friend Jeffery Taylor were out building a snow fort in front of their respective businesses Monday for the town’s upcoming Cocoa Crawl when they noticed the Prism Health Care Services boxcar.

“I start waving my hands, saying ‘stop,'” Kopecky said.

WGN was sent video of the collision that proves the boxcar was no match for the bridge, which has seen its fair share of crashes in recent years.

“It’s a shame he hit the bridge,” Kopecky said. “His truck was ruined. It came open and stuff came out.”

Back in 2018, the bridge was severely damaged and remained closed until last year. The bridge was then hit twice a week after it reopened.

This time, the passageway, first constructed in 1906, sustained only minor damage. The truck, however, was not as lucky.

“Goodbye to your truck” is heard in a video of the collision recorded by Taylor.