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CHICAGO — Opening statements in the murder trial of a Chicago man accused of killing a Chicago police officer and a former CHA officer began Monday morning.

Cook County prosecutors say 46-year-old Michael Flisk was killed “execution style in cold blood” on Nov. 26, 2010.

Flisk was dusting for fingerprints in a Chicago garage after a burglary vandalized a Mustang parked there. Prosecutors say he told the owner of that  car, “I got a good fingerprint.”  They maintain those words set off the next fatal steps that would end Flisk’s life.

Then 19-year-old Timothy Herring was hiding in the garage. Prosecutors told a jury that when Herring heard those words, he didn’t want to go back to prison. So he shot Stephen Peters and officer Flisk in the head.

Inside her home at the time, Laura Peters, Stephen’s mother, called 911 sobbing; the second set of gunshots captured in that call.

Flisk’s wife testified Monday; so did Peters’ mother.

911 calls were played and meanwhile grieving families sit and listen in court as horrific details about the double murder play aloud in court.

The trial could last for several weeks as dozens of witnesses take the stand.