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LANCASTER, UK — A bar in England had been fined £100,000, (about $155,000) after a woman who drank a liquid nitrogen cocktail had to have her stomach removed.

The Guardian reports in 2012, 18-year-old (the legal drinking age in England) Gaby Scanlon was celebrating her birthday at Oscar’s Wine Bar and Bistro in Lancaster with friends when she was given the drink for free.

But after drinking it she began to feel “agonizing pain and was forced to loosen her clothing as smoke billowed from her mouth and nose,” according to The Guardian.

In court last week, it was revealed Scanlon experienced  “an explosion” in her stomach four seconds after the cocktail was poured for her.

Scanlon said, “I turned to the man and asked if it was OK to drink. He said ‘yes’. Smoke was coming from my nose and mouth. Straight away I knew something was not right. My stomach expanded. The manager said nothing about waiting for it to die down.”

A friend of Scalon claimed that the bartender told her to “Drink it while it’s still smoking.”

Scanlon was taken to the hospital and had life-saving surgery to remove stomach and her small bowel connected with her esophagus.

The bar had only been open five months  at the time.  A guilty plea was entered to one count of failing in the duty of an employer to ensure the safety of persons not in its employment, admitting it failed to ensure the shot-sized cocktail was safe for consumption. No risk assessment had been carried out on the dangers, according to The Guardian.

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