Woman donates son’s organs after tragic loss

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- A North Carolina mother with a heart-wrenching past recently shared her story after a tragic loss.

According to FOX8, Lori Rowley, from North Carolina, was on vacation with her family back in 2011 when her two sons, 12-year-old Joshua and 19-year-old Matthew, were run over by a boat while tubing.

FOX8 reports Joshua was killed instantly. The woman's other son, Matthew, was in a coma for two days before he died.

According to FOX8, Matthew was a firefighter and an EMT. Just about six months before his death, he had had a conversation with his mother after he responded to a car crash, in which a young man ended up on life support.

"We were in his bedroom and he told me, ‘Mom, okay, here’s the deal. If there’s ever a situation that I’m on life support and I can’t be me or run my bloodhounds or play my guitar, don’t keep me on machines, mom. I know you’ll want to keep any shred of me, but let me go.'” she recounted to the station.

Matthew also reportedly told his mother the young man in the crash was an organ donor -- and he wanted to be one, too.

“Then, six months later, I had to make all these same decisions. Do I take him off life support, do I donate his organs? I didn’t even have to contemplate because I knew exactly what Matthew wanted. This was his last act of service and I know Matthew is up there in heaven beaming right now,” Rowley told FOX8.

Now, the mother says, she knows of at least six people who have since benefited from the donated organs.

"That gives me some peace and I know he would be just delighted about that,” she said.

FOX8 reported the driver of the other boat was charged in the crash.




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