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NEW YORK — For the fans of the original “Saturday Night Live” skits, the voice was unmistakable from the beginning.

During a taping of CBS’s “The Late Show with David Letterman” Monday, Letterman was doing a monologue before a voice from the audience could be heard off-screen, lauding the Chicago Cubs’ chances of winning it all.

“I think this is really gonna be the Cubs’ year,” the voice says, adding that Greg Maddux and Andre Dawson provide the team the needed punch for success. (Dawson retired in 1996, Maddux in 2008.)

Then, the reveal.

Actor and comedian Will Ferrell sat in the studio audience stands, disguised as legendary Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray, before joining the stage with Letterman for a fun bit.

“You know what, Ed, it’s great to be here,” Ferrell says to Letterman, jokingly referencing television personality Ed Sullivan.

Ferrell then asks Letterman — while still calling him “Ed” — if he’s retiring, adding, “I could tell you’re losing a little mustard off the heater.”

Letterman will host his final show May 20, before new host Stephen Colbert, formerly of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” takes over Sep. 8.

Ferrell then credits President Barack Obama with the fall of the Berlin Wall . “You should think about having him on your show,” Ferrell says. Obama was also a guest during Monday night’s taping.

Ferrell spoofed Caray while a cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” including perhaps the most famous skit in which he asked actor Jeff Goldblum whether he would eat the moon if it were made of barbeque ribs. The real Harry Caray passed away in 1998.

The roughly 40-minute sketch Monday ended with Ferrell shouting “Cubs win!” to organ music.

The Cubs lost Monday night, 10-9, to the St. Louis Cardinals.