WGN weatherman’s Facebook post about Uber driver goes viral for amazing reason

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Sometimes, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.  Even when it comes to an Uber taxi ride.

WGN’s Paul Konrad had quite the memorable journey on his ride into work this morning – in a good way.  A very good way.

As he explains on his Facebook page, Paul took an Uber taxi to WGN’s studio Tuesday morning.

I had a great conversation with my Uber Taxi driver Naeen on my way into work this morning. He is from Karachi, Pakistan. I told him about how my children have given a portion of their allowance to bring clean water to Karachi through Water For Thirty Thousand.

It’s a cause close to Paul and his children’s hearts.  He writes:

630 children die EVERY DAY in Pakistan due to dirty water. That is the number of kids in my children’s entire school dying EVERY DAY.

And it had an effect on his driver, too:

Naeen was so touched by hearing what my kids are doing, he gave me money when I got out of the taxi to give to my kids to add what they are giving.

Paul was pretty touched as well:

It was a pretty amazing exchange. That is what I call a great start to my day.

Paul’s post has been “liked” nearly 3,000 times so far.



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