Watch Jimmy Fallon make Blake Shelton try sushi for the first time

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NEW YORK — Country music star Blake Shelton has never tried sushi before. But Jimmy Fallon changed all that and captured the hilarious encounter on video.

The two sat down for Shelton’s first sushi meal at the restaurant Nobu, beginning first with Sake, which is a rice wine. The country star described this new drink as having a similar taste to “Easter egg coloring.”

Next, Fallon and Shelton tried different sushi rolls including yellow tail and salmon. There was one roll that Shelton liked, even though he compared the consistency to “play dough.”

After sashimi, Shitasu (fried bait), Uni (sea urchin) and others, Fallon ended the sushi tasting ended with more familiar food to Shelton — a McDonald’s Big Mac.


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