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CHICAGO — Uh oh. WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling has found himself in some hot water with Star Wars fans.

On Tuesday, Skilling posted pictures to Facebook describing the amazing simulated explosions of the Star Trek Enterprise.

Except there was one problem — they were Star Wars ships. And fans of the epic space franchise were quick to call him out.

Some of their comments:

  • “The Force was not with you on this post Tom Skilling” 
  • “Tom. You are about to feel the wrath of upset Star Wars nerds.”
  • “Tom just unknowingly upset half the internet. LoL”
  • “Star Wars, Tom, not Star Trek.”
  • “Poor Tom…going to get flamed out by every sci-fi fan that follows him. God-speed, sir!”
  • “I blame Paul Konrad.”

In response to his mistake, Skilling apologized and said, “So you think you’ve had a bad day? I owe Star Wars & Star Trek fans an apology! It’s been pointed out to me (oh, maybe 1,000 times) that these are Star Wars vessels——NOT the Star Trek Enterprise. And I’m a Star Trek/Star Wars fan too–guess not a good enough one, huh?? Scotty won’t beam me up anymore! Harrison Ford & Mark Hammill probably won’t return my calls –of course, they never did! R2D2 will probably electrocute me next time he stops by. And Darth Vader has put out a hit on me! Other than that, what A GREAT DAY it’s been!! Maybe tomorrow will be better.”

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