The Face Blanket: Here to save you from the cold — maybe?

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CHICAGO — Cold weather got you down, Chicagoans? Fear not: A new product is here.

It’s called the Face Blanket.

Yes, the Face Blanket. It’s essentially a Snuggie for your face, that claims to keep you warm, with a breathing hole to keep you alive.

The Face Blanket is real, and does have a Web site; selling the product for 10 dollars, it’s

And if the mere knowledge of the product’s existence isn’t enough to convince shoppers, here are a few selling points from its Web site:

– “Works better than a blindfold for BDSM (Fifty Shades of Grey fun!)”

– “No need to uncover your head while sleeping”

– “Great for camping and winter! Save money on heating costs”

The promo video even says it can be used to make yourself “unrecognizable” when in the company of an ex or someone else whom you’d rather not see.

The new product has, of course, met some skepticism recently. But the company has addressed some haters. Ora TV had a video about the product, titled, “The ‘Face Blanket’ Is The Newest And Stupidest Product No One Needs Ever,” to which the blanket’s Web site responded, “They got everything right, except the ‘Newest And Stupidest Product No One Needs Ever’ part.”

The developers certainly hope consumers will warm up to the product soon.

The Face Blanket is also available on Amazon.




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