‘Rock of Roselle’ causes damage — and laughter — among drivers

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ROSELLE, Ill. — A Facebook page about a rock in Roselle, and the drivers who’ve encountered it, is quickly gaining fame across the internet.

The “Rock of Roselle” is located at 1326 Lake Street, in the parking lot of a Pizza Hut.

WGN’s Marcus Leshock featured the Facebook page — called “The Rock of Roselle OG” — during his Trending segment Wednesday morning, when the page had 6,952 followers. As of early Thursday, it had over 8,000 followers.

The page was created on March 20, 2017 due to the number of people who hit the rock. The “about” section describes it as, “a page to post all the idiots that run over the same rock pretty much on a daily basis.”

People post photographs of different vehicles that hit the rock when trying to turn the corner of the parking lot. One photograph even shows a towing company that had to come because a vehicle was stuck.

One person said they traveled 36 miles to just to see it.

The rock is rated a five out of five on its Facebook page. One person said the rock is the, “Best thing to happen in Roselle.”


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