Happy Mother’s Day!

There is no shortage of Super Moms among our anchors and reporters here at WGN. Whether they were raised by one, are married to one or are one themselves, we are honoring mothers!

Sarah Jindra celebrated her first Mother’s Day on her son’s first birthday. She says this year the days are the same again as her son turns 7.

Marcus Leshock honored both his mother and his wife. “My wife Jonna pours her heart into our kids each and every day. We are so thankful for her wisdom, positivity, kindness and the fun she brings to all of our lives,” he writes. “My mother Elaine has been a constant, loving presence my entire life! From waiting seven years to get us into the audience at the Bozo show, to watching me on WGN Morning News every day … she is the best! I don’t know where I would be without my Mom and all of her love, support and encouragement.”

Dean Richards honors his mom and his YiaYia (grandmother) while Shannon Halligan also honors her grandmother and mother.

Ray Cortopassi honors his mother and writes, “My mom, Marlene, lived her life for others, always putting others a country mile before herself. Her joy was family and she had a deep well of strength and faith. She used both when she lost our oldest brother at the age of 18, coping with her grief, she still gave my younger brother and I a happy childhood.  Even while fighting through breast cancer at the end of her life. My mom never stopped loving. I’m so grateful to have her as a role model.”