Near miss motorcycle accident and traffic stop go viral

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Warning: This video contains offensive language. 

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. — A near-miss motorcycle accident and traffic stop caught on camera in Connecticut is going viral.

The clip had more than 1.3 million views in 48 hours by Thursday afternoon.

It shows a motorcyclist and a car merging from two lanes down to one in South Windsor. The motorcyclist was wearing a camera and recorded the ride.

You can see he nearly gets cut off by the woman in a grey car. A little ways up the road, he flags down an officer who then pulls over the woman.

Thursday, South Windsor police addressed the incident on their Facebook page.

“It’s always nice when our officers are recognized for the work they do each day with professionalism and respect for the community,” they wrote. “This particular traffic stop has been viewed over 1 million times we’re told, but the vast majority of officers are out here each day doing the same thing. We are working 24/7/365 trying to keep our communities safer. Thanks for the kind words and please drive safe and watch out for one another.”

Many people have mentioned that there is no sign warning drivers that the road narrows from two lanes to one. The South Windsor Police Department said they have notified Connecticut State Police “of the need for a sign” but it is a state road so they cannot put the signs up themselves.


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