Mother shares touching photo of daughter and friend battling cancer

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PITTSBURGH, Pa. — A mother’s heartwarming photo of her daughter and her daughter’s new friend embracing while battling cancer has gone viral.

According to WPXI, Tazz Jones snapped the photo of her daughter, 5-year-Maliyah Jones, and another girl, Madeline DeLuca, sharing a hug while at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Jones shared the image to Facebook, encouraging her friends and followers to share. “Trying to get this picture seen all over the world,” she wrote.

Jones added in her caption, “This is the perfect example of love.”

According to the mother, the two girls had just come across one another. “We just met that day,” she told WPXI. “Maliyah ran up to her. They were hugging and looking out the window and I asked, ‘Can I take a picture of them?’ And I took the picture and that was it.”

WPXI reports Maliyah suffers from neuroblastoma. She was diagnosed with the condition at 2 years old after doctors discovered a tumor in her stomach.

The other girl, DeLuca, suffers from acute myeloid leukemia, according to the report.

Jones’s mother Tazz hopes her photo will provide hope for all those who suffer — or who know someone who suffers — from cancer.

“I’m hoping the whole city has seen it, people outside of the city, all over the world — not just for Maliyah’s story, but for other families going through this,” she told WPXI.

A fundraising page has been set up for Maliyah’s story. It can be found here. A similar page for DeLuca has been set up as well.

Since sharing the photo, Jones’s post has been covered by several news outlets, including a foreign-language publication.

“ITS [sic] ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! I CANT BELIEVE THIS!” she later wrote on Facebook.


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