Moments of shared humanity between police, protesters bring people together across the U.S.


Despite the chaos of recent days, there are moments coming out of demonstrations across the country that are bringing people together. 

In Flint, MI Sheriff Chris Swanson put down his riot gear and marched with protesters for hours, and protests there remained peaceful.  

Thousands of miles south of Flint, an officer in Shreveport, LA was caught on camera consoling a young protester in tears. 

In New York City, the show of support looked different as officers took a knee, making a gesture similar to what former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernick did to bring attention to the issue of the killings of black people at the hands of police officers.

Officers in Iowa supported demonstrators the same way.

In Nashville, an officer and a demonstrator joined each other in prayer. 

On Chicago’s West Side, while looting was happening near them a group of protesters stood, unshaken, holding on to their message.

“We’re here to pay respects to George Floyd, and what happened to him is not right, but you’re not going to get an answer by breaking into stores… you’re not going to change things, you’re only going to make things worse,” protester Tiara Coria said.

And in Minneapolis, where protests kicked off last week after George Floyd’s death, the chief of police took a knee at the memorial for the man whose story has moved a nation.


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