Michigan man says neighbor built a manure ‘wall’ following dispute over property line


A dairy cow chewing grass in a field

(NEXSTAR) – Well, this stinks. The owner of a home in Michigan says he’s fed up with the smell of a “poop wall” that his neighbor has been building near his property.

Wayne Lambarth of Lodi Township claims that his neighbor, a farmer, began using cow manure to construct the wall sometime last year, after a dispute over a property line that divides their land, Fox 2 Detroit reports.

Prior to the dispute, Lambarth says his neighbor would spread the manure over his own farmland. Now, however, the manure has been built into a dung-based divider that extends 250 feet in length.

It’s not just Lambarth and his neighbor that are currently caught in the smelly crossfire, either. Lambarth has two tenants living in his home, both of whom are sick of the sight — and smell — of the farmer’s feces fence, they tell Fox 2 Detroit.

Unfortunately, local officials don’t have a whiff of good news for Lambarth. As long as the manure remains on his neighbor’s property, Lambarth can’t do much about it.

The farmer, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to care what Lambarth or his tenants think of his poop wall — he’d just prefer they stop calling it a “poop wall.”

“It’s not a poop wall,” he remarked when asked about the manure, Fox 2 Detroit reports. “It’s a compost fence.”

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