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CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel  met with entrepreneur Elon Mask to discuss the possibility of a greatly desired high-speed rail from O’Hare International Airport to the Chicago Loop.

Ambitions for a high-speed rail between the airport and city began in the 90s during Richard Daley’s tenure as the city’s mayor. Emanuel revived these ambitions in 2016 but the idea had not progressed beyond just hopes till now. Chicago Deputy Mayor Steve Koch flew out to Los Angeles late last week to personally meet with Musk, reported Crain’s.

“We’re going to try to see if they can make it work here. It depends on the cost, but I’m as intrigued as I’ve been (with anything) for a while,” Koch told Crain’s.

Musk’s company has said that they’ve developed a special tunnel-drilling technology in a venture called The Boring Company. The futuristic tech is said to cut construction cost and build better and narrower tunnels, but all of this is speculative since the tech does not yet exist.

Koch told Crain’s that Musk’s line would use different train cars that go up to speeds of 125 mph via an electric sled.

Emanuel’s administration will be accepting bids  on the O’Hare rail plan later this year and it is suspected that Musk’s company will reply to the request for bids.

Musk’s The Boring Company did not comment about the bids, but confirmed to Crain’s that they met with Koch.