Man’s tweets about being ‘trapped’ in Taco Bell drive-thru go viral

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Internet recently got to follow one man’s “harrowing” journey through a Taco Bell drive-through thanks to Twitter.

Twitter user M. Hollinger, whose name is Matt, according to WHOTV, live-tweeted his experience late Friday evening after he got stuck in line with no escape.

(We’ll leave out tweets containing profanity, of which there are a few.)

Hollinger quickly garnered retweets and online support from those following his adventure.

His story was quickly picked up by popular sports site SB Nation. That story was then shared by ESPN anchor Chris Hassel and WHOTV weatherman Ed Wilson.

“I guess I’m  officially Des Moines famous,” Hollinger quipped.

Twitter user Andrew Peters, claiming to also be in the same line, saw Hollinger’s tweets and replied.

According to Hollinger, he and others could not move or escape the drive-through line. He was stuck for more than an hour.

He also claimed he was told only two employees were working at the “extremely busy location.”

Finally, at about midnight Saturday morning, Hollinger was able to escape.

“This has been a harrowing evening,” wrote Hollinger. “Bless you all.”

Later Saturday morning the customer service account for Taco Bell contacted Hollinger.

It was unclear what they discussed.


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