Man severely burned after protein shake container explodes

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KENT, U.K. — A student in England was burned severely after his protein shake container exploded in his face.

19-year-old Dion Chilton tells The Daily Mail he poured boiling water into the plastic container to sterilize it. He placed the lid on it but the high heat and pressure caused it to explode.

“I poured water from the kettle in a small flask, put the lid on and where the water was boiling and there was too much steam it just exploded in my face,” he said.   “All my skin started peeling off my face. … I could only see black and I was panicking that I had lost my eyesight.”

He was taken to the hospital. Doctors say he suffered third degree burns but will not suffer any permanent damage or scarring. Chilton is also expected to regain his eyesight fully.


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