Man finds wedding ring tied to fish in Lake Michigan, original owner says it’s cursed

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CHICAGO— A man fishing in a tournament in  Lake Michigan on Friday caught a fish that had a  wedding band zip-tied to it’s tail, The Chicago Sun Times reports.

The fisherman and the owner of the ring both say the ring is cursed.

According to the Sun-Times, about four years ago, fishing guide Jason Rose was going through a divorce. Rose said his ex-wife always hated how much he fished.

He held on to his wedding band until this May.

He didn’t want to just throw it in the lake, so on May 4, he decided to catch a fish, zip-tie the ring to its tail and let the fish go near the port in Whitehall, Michigan.

Rose said the ring has been bad luck for him and told the Sun-Times, “I am convinced that ring is cursed. …  My life has been nothing less than great since I released it.”

Last week, Jim Nelligan caught the ring in a fishing tournament near Chicago.  Nelligan now agrees with Rose about the doomed ring. He said he has been having issues with his engines ever since he took the ring aboard his boat.


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