KFC’s new edible nail polish tastes like chicken


Ogilvy & Mather for KFC

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HONG KONG — Fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken is branching out to finger-licking fashion with a new line of flavored nail polishes.

The limited-edition nail polish will come in Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy flavors. It can be applied like normal polish and tasted as soon as it dries, according to a statement by the company posted online.

Marketing company Ogilvy & Mather reportedly worked with food scientists at the same spice company responsible for KFC’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.

“Yes, it is actually a real thing,” Ogilvy & Mather’s Anna Mugglestone told the New York Times. “It tastes like chicken.”

The flavored polish will only be released in Hong Kong, where marketers hope it will build hype for the chain’s brand. They also released a music video to promote it and are asking people to vote on their favorite flavor.


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