Jeopardy champ Buzzy Cohen is trolling Trebek with SNL references

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Seven-day Jeopardy champ Buzzy Cohen has gained a lot of attention on social media with his Saturday Night Live inspired responses to host Alex Trebek.

Cohen has won $133,402 since last Monday and is known for his quick answers.

For one of his SNL inspired Jeopardy answers, Cohen wrote, “What is, see you tomorrow Trebek?!”

Trebek jokingly stated, “He has watched a lot of these Saturday Night Live take offs of our Jeopardy show, particularly the abuse I have to take from Sean Connery.”

Sean Connery was the actor responsible for the Saturday Night Live iconic Jeopardy parodies.

To this Cohen responded by writing, “Who is, you aren’t rid of me yet Trebek?”

Jeopardy fans have expressed their love, as well as dislike, for Cohen over social media.

Watch the hilarious video in the player above


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