'HAPPY MARRIED': Couple whose giant proposal went viral celebrates marriage


CHICAGO — The couple behind a viral proposal written in the snow of Maggie Daley Park last year went big once again this week to celebrate their marriage.

Bob Lempa’s plan to surprise his girlfriend Peggy Baker with a proposal on Valentine’s Day 2019 was simple but ambitious: leave a message in the snow that she could see from her 37th floor window in the Blue Cross Blue Shield building.

(Archive) Bob Lempa wrote “MARRY ME” in the snow of Maggie Daley Park to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Peggy Baker, on February 20, 2019

Even simple plans can face complications. There was no snow on Valentine’s Day, but luckily there was some a few days later. Over the course of six hours, Lempa cleared off 45′ by 31′ letters in the snow in the park to spell a simple message: “MARRY ME.”

With the proposal in such a high-visibility area (and written so large), it quickly started spreading on social media. WGN’s Shannon Halligan spotted it from Skycam9 before getting the story behind the message.

Peggy said “yes,” and they were married in September. They even had a cake with “MARRY ME” recreated on it for their wedding.

The wedding of Bob Lempa and Peggy Baker-Lempa included a cake celebrating their viral propsal (Image: Bella Vie Photography)

This year, Lempa decided to return to the park and leave a Valentine’s Day message for his new wife: “HAPPY MARRIED.”

Once again, he had to adjust his big plans after discovering some unforeseen complications.

“He hired help but didn’t have enough time and space to finish Happily. The message still comes across,” Peggy Baker-Lempa said.

Bob Lempa celebrates the marriage with his wife in message left on Maggie Daley


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