Girl kicks field goal after getting crowned homecoming queen

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WEST BLOCTON, Ala. — Seventeen-year-old Jodie Farnetti’s father Greg has been coaching high school football in central Alabama for 23 years. She’s always liked football and grew up wanting to be a kicker on her father’s team. And she’s good at it!

Over the years, Jodie got really into softball and cheerleading, so she concentrated on that.

But last weekend’s homecoming was her father’s last as coach, so Jodie asked the football players if she could kick in the game. They loved the idea.

By coincidence, at halftime, Jodie was named homecoming queen, so she accepted the honor wearing a football uniform. And then in the second half, she got her chance. She went out there and kicked that extra point.

“It was such a great night!” her father said.


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