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WASHINGTON D.C. — A giant inflatable chicken seeming to resemble President Trump has been placed next to the White House.

The chicken, dawning a gold comb over and familiar hand gestures, has made headlines previously.

In December of 2016, a shopping mall in Taiyuan, China, erected a giant rooster statute depicting Trump’s signature hairstyle and facial expression on an egg shaped body.

The sculptor of the statute told the South China Morning Post, that he was inspired by “Trump’s hair and hand movements.”

Chinese entrepreneurs inspired by the sculpture began making replicas and selling them on e-commerce websites like the Chinese Taobao. The prices ranged from a few hundred yuan to 50,000 yuan (HK$56,000), reported the Morning Post.

Twitter uses were some of the first to break news of the chicken sighting. Alas, just another day in 2017.