Don’t look at the ‘look who died’ scam on Facebook

INDIANAPOLIS (WTTV) — Cyber security experts are spreading the word about a Facebook direct message hacking scam that is quickly spreading across the social media platform.

It’s called the “look who died” phishing scam, and it’s aimed at gaining access to your Facebook account.

It starts with a direct Facebook message that appears to be from someone you know.  The message says “look who died” and contains a link to what appears to be an article about an accident that killed someone you know or possibly a celebrity. 

If you click on the link, it won’t take you to a news article, but it will download malware onto your phone or computer that gives the hackers access to your Facebook login information.

Online criminals love getting into Facebook accounts because they often contain such information as shopping history and photos that can be sold on the dark web. Accessing your account also means they can spread the phishing scam by sending messages from your account to other Facebook users on your friend list.

If you are tricked and end up clicking on the bogus link, Data Prot has a detailed list of things you should do immediately:

In addition to reporting the scam to Facebook, it’s also a good idea to let your Facebook friend know you got the bogus message from them, which means their account has been hacked as well.