Dog rescue offering 'puppy-gram' deliveries for Valentine's Day


CHICAGO — A pet rescue organization is delivering something much cuter than a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day: snuggles and kisses from dogs in need of a home.

On Feb. 14, Chicago-based One Tail at a Time will bring “puppy-grams” or “Senior Grams” of up to five dogs to surprise the Valentines of anyone who makes a donation through their website, giving a welcome break from the day for between 15 and 30 minutes.

“Their significant others or maybe their coworker or their family member made a donation in their name, and in return we get to spread some puppy love,” said Cara Schwalbach, Development Director at One Tail at a Time.

Shortly after the puppy-grams went on sale, they’ve nearly all sold out, and Schwalbach said they expect to do so by the end of the day. They’ve already sold out of visits including two puppies for 30 minutes ($500) and “puppy madness” featuring five puppies for 30 minutes ($1,000), although 15 minutes of “puppy love” from one puppy is still available ($250). With demand so high, Schwalbach said they’re going to offer “Senior Gram” visits from dogs that are over eight years old as well.

This is One Tail at a Time’s fourth year offering the puppy-grams, growing from just Schwalbach and a single puppy the first year to an entire litter of puppies, senior dogs and over 20 volunteers this year. They’ve already raised over $15,000 to support their dog and cat rescue efforts.


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