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ANAHEIM, Calif. (WJW) — With Disneyland newly reopened following a 13-month closure, a “controversy” has popped up over one updated ride at the park.

The classic Fantasyland ride Snow White’s Scary Adventures has received a facelift — featuring new sound, lights and far fewer jump/cry-inducing scenes — hence forth being renamed Snow White’s Enchanted Wish.

But a few writers at the website SFGATE wonder if it’s a mistake to keep the movie ending of a prince kissing Snow White while she is asleep a part of the ride.

“Haven’t we already agreed that consent in early Disney movies is a major issue? That teaching kids that kissing, when it hasn’t been established if both parties are willing to engage, is not OK?” the writers asked.

As a refresher, let’s revisit the plot of the Disney film: A queen obsessed with being the fairest of them all poisons Snow White with a “Sleeping Death” apple, a curse which can only be broken by her true love kissing her. Thankfully, seven little people who she has befriended “bury” her in a glass coffin even though they think she is gone for good. When the prince rolls by, he’s so overtaken by her beauty, he kisses her and she wakes. They then live happily ever after (just like in real life).

Those who are familiar with the Brothers Grimm original tale know the story doesn’t exactly go like that, but this is Disney and the movie was made in 1937.

Plot aside, the authors of the article wonder why, when the Disney parks are working hard to make other ride changes on Splash Mountain and the Jungle Cruise, would “add a scene with such old-fashioned ideas of what a man is allowed to do to a woman.”

Looking at the park’s ride announcement could offer some answers: 

“The Snow White attraction has such a rich history,” Imagineer Kim Irvine said in a press statement. “We wanted to take into account the beautiful scenic work that has always existed and retell the story in a special way. We believe guests will enjoy this sweet storyline in a stunning experience.”

In the end, the article’s authors do concede that “as long as you’re watching it as a fairy tale, not a life lesson,” the ride’s kissing scene is “beautifully executed.”

Disneyland is currently only open to California residents.

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