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David Blaine just managed to do what so many can only dream of — flying up into the air using a bunch of balloons.

The illusionist floated over the Arizona desert on Wednesday by holding onto about 50 helium balloons.

The latest stunt, titled “Ascension,” is his most ambitious feat yet.

“Every single stunt that I’ve ever done is about endurance and pushing past what I thought would be possible,” Blaine said in a video before the performance. “I can’t imagine that many people would dream of doing it.”

He began his ascent on Wednesday morning, and the performance took about an hour from lift off to landing. The event was live streamed on YouTube.

Though his initial goal was to reach an altitude of about 18,000 feet, he ended up floating 24,900 feet — or about 4.7 miles — before skydiving and parachuting back to the ground.

“Wow!” he exclaimed as he landed. “That was awesome!”