D.C. State Fair to host a marijuana growing competition

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WASHINGTON D.C. — The D.C. State Fair added a budding new category to this year’s lineup of quirky contests: marijuana growing.

Weed was legalized in the capital five months ago, and the resident-run, nonprofit fair is taking full advantage of the new legislation with their “Best Bud” competition. Participants each submit a 1-2 gram sample that will be rated by a panel of judges.

“Now that it’s legal for residents of the District to grow their own plants, we wanted a way to highlight this new freedom while also showing off the agricultural talents of the District’s people,” Anna Tauzin, the fair’s outreach director, told the Washington Post.

The weed, however, won’t be judged on how high it gets the user, because smoking in public is still prohibited. Instead, judges will assess the bud’s quality using four categories — appearance, odor, touch and the grower’s personal story.

Though the panel has yet to be chosen, Tauzin assured the Washington Post that all judges will be experts in the product.

D.C. isn’t the first place to host such a contest. The Denver County Fair sponsored similar cannabis-themed competitions last year, but they were later weeded out amid controversy that more than a dozen fairgoers claimed they were unknowingly served pot-infused chocolate.

The fair will be held on Sept. 12, and judging for the Best Bud competition will begin at 4:20 p.m.


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