Couple discovers safe with $50,000, 55-year-old bourbon and mystery clues during renovations

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PHOENIX — A post on Imgur is going viral on August 28, depicting a young couple’s apparent amazing discovery of a floor safe in their kitchen. According to the series of photos and descriptions underneath, the couple found an old slip of paper with a safe code when the moved into their house two years ago, but never found a safe. They kept the code, just in case, and two years later, when re-modelling their kitchen, discovered a floor safe.

The code worked, and what the couple found inside is amazing: a 55-year-old bottle of scotch, a book which seemed to contain a series of clues, and $51,080 in old bills.

The story, which originally appeared on theCHIVE, was posted to Imgur by uploader sarm, who credits theCHIVE in the comments despite many commenters ‘outing’ him as a fraud. According to theChive piece, the couple haven’t decided what to do with their booty yet, but still hold hope of discovering the original owner. Due to an inscription on a photo found in the book, they assume his name is Alan.

This story was originally posted by theCHIVE on August 27 and posted to Imgur an hour later. The Imgur post was on almost 1.5 million views after 13 hours.

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