Chicago’s Superdawg responds on Twitter to Heinz Super Bowl Ad

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Heinz Ketchup has a new commercial for Super Bowl 50.

It shows a group of wiener dogs, wearing hot dog costumes, running to a line of giant bottles of Heinz products. The dogs eventually jump into the waiting arms of ketchup, or in one case a child as a ketchup packet.

But that’s a problem for some hot dog eaters in Chicago. There’s a rule that says you can’t put ketchup on a hot dog.

Hot dogs are big business for Superdawg in the city’s Norwood Park neighborhood.

They saw the hot dog running to the ketchup, so they had to respond.

Superdawg Chicago tweeted, “Sorry Heinz, but we cannot support you on this one. You understand #chicagostyle.”

Heinz replied, “Superdawg, when it comes to great taste and adorable wiener dogs, we’re just one big happy hot dog-loving family.”

Superdawg replied, “The dogs are adorable, we’ll give you that.”

Super Bowl 50 is Sunday.

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