CHICAGO — If you’re a fan of the supernatural, then Chicago is your place to be, according to a recent survey.

Per Lawn Love, the city is ranked third in the United States when it comes to paranormal activity.

The company looked at 14 different metrics when ranking the 200 biggest cities in America when it comes to their instances of the supernatural. They were put into four categories: Sightings, haunted locations, lifestyle, and community.

In the survey, Chicago was second in the number of paranormal conventions and vampire-friendliness, third in the number of paranormal sightings, and eighth in the number of haunted sites.

In the four main categories, the city was third in lifestyle, fourth in community, tenth in haunted locations, and 11th in sightings.

According to this system, Chicago had a score of 44.25, which put it behind first place Los Angeles (59.21) and second place New York (48). San Diego (42.83) and New Orleans (39.56) rounded out the top five.

Indianapolis was the only other major city in the Midwest to be ranked in the top ten, coming in ninth in the survey with a score of 36.82.

Chicago was one of five cities in the State of Illinois that were featured in Lawn Love’s survey, with Rockford coming in the next highest at 59th. Aurora was 84th, Joliet was 93rd, and Naperville came in 160 of the 200 cities for paranormal activity that was surveyed.

Here are the full top ten cities in America with the most paranormal activity, according to Lawn Love.

1. Los Angeles – 59.21

2. New York – 48

3. Chicago – 44.25

4. San Diego – 42.83

5. New Orleans – 39.56

6. Philadelphia – 38.93

7. San Antonio – 37.61

8. Dallas – 37.5

9. Indianapolis – 36.82

10. Las Vegas – 36.1