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CHICAGO — More than 2,000 Facebook users have RSVP’d to a “Windex the Bean” event on Nov. 15. This Facebook event has absolutely no description except “the Bean is dirty.” Still, almost 20,000 users say they’re “interested” in the event.

The event attendees might even get these “I cleaned The Bean” t-shirts made.

The Bean is a public art sculpture officially known as Cloud Gate. It draws tourists from around the world who take pictures with it and leave their dirty finger prints behind on the sculpture’s mirrored surface.

The iconic Chicago landmark has been getting quite a bit of attention on Facebook lately. Other upcoming Facebook events located at the Bean include: Critique the Bean’s Resume, Dress the Bean up as a Ghost for Halloween, and Bake the Bean 2017.

So, should the Bean be cleaned? Vote in the poll below: